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4.0 / 5.0
Guy Fawkes
(Anonym cybersecurity eksperter)

My Expat Network er måske ikke en af de bedst kendte VPNs, men med, 120 server over hele verden, som tilbyder 3 enheder pr. licens, så bør du måske overveje dem. My Expat Network rangerer 4.2 for deres priser, som starter ved $3.50/måned

Oct 28, 2019
Brugeranmeldelser af My Expat Network
Helle Ambrosius
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Helt fantastisk service!

Jeg er et aldeles haabloest tilfaelde med hensyn til Smart TV . Jeg har boet I Canada og ville gerne have mulighed for at faa de amerikanske og sport kanalerne. Jeg har fundet det gennem Expat, og her faaet en absolute enestaaende service...paa alle tider af doegnet. Helle Ambrosius

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Vidste du? Vi godkender alle brugeranmeldelser. Virksomheder kan ikke betale for at få nogen med, eller få nogen afvist.

    sep 29, 2019
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    A nightmare from beginning to the end!

    Shockingly difficult to log in and access any of the channels they advertise availability on their website. In within minutes of downloading the app on my phone my e-mail provider asked me to change my password as someone was attempting to sign in my e-mail account. I could not sign off or disconnect the VPN on my IPad as the Expat technical support was vague and incorrect. I finally found someone in within the company who cared enough to help, and managed. Deleted everything in within minutes yet, before then , never managed to log in properly and watch a single program on the Italian TV! Paid £75 as I thought it was a good deal and they will not refund it even if I was in constant contact asking to help me with all the above problems! Shockingly bad .... stay well away!

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      Bill Taylor
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      Think twice before committing

      I purchased a 2 year package because it seemed a good deal. However if you have an iMac think twice because I have had nothing but trouble with this company especially their Support operatives. After 30 days you will not get any refund regardless if the company is culpable because they can not provide the service they boast they deliver. For example I recently had a problem sending emails from my account and after two long days of TeamViewer response (when it takes them sometimes over an hour to receive a response from them.....and these mount up) I was informed by them that I would have to switch off my VPN if I wanted to use my email account, which really defeated the intention of using a VPN! This made the myexpatnetwork about as useful as a chocolate teapot! When I requested a refund (as I only had the service for 2 months) my request was flatly refused, so be careful people. This company is not what it appears to be and I would warn all potential subscribers to think twice! There are better providers out there...I am now looking.

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        My Expat Network kontra NordVPN kontra ExpressVPN kontra CyberGhost VPN
        Funktioner Oplysninger
        Antal lande med servere 4
        Antal servere 120
        Gemmer VPN'en logfiler? Delvist
        Har VPN'en en kill-switch? Nej
        Antal enheder per licens 3
        Prissætning 4.2 / 5.0
        $3.50 /måned
        $3.50 /måned
        All Devices
        Detaljeret ekspertanmeldelse
        Guy Fawkes
        (Anonym cybersecurity eksperter)

        Anmeldelsen for denne underkategori af VPNs er ikke tilgængelig endnu for denne VPN udbyder. Hvis du føler de yder en god løsning, så tilføj venligst din anmeldelse som bruger, og vi vil følge op med en detaljeret ekspertanmeldelse

        Pengene-tilbage-garanti (dage): 30
        Antal enheder per licens: 3
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