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4.0 / 5.0
Guy Fawkes
(Anonym cybersecurity eksperter)

Tunnelr VPN er måske ikke en af de bedst kendte VPNs, men med, 15 server over hele verden, som tilbyder 5 enheder pr. licens, så bør du måske overveje dem. Tunnelr VPN rangerer 3.7 for deres priser, som starter ved $5.00/måned

Oct 18, 2018
Brugeranmeldelser af Tunnelr VPN
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Fair to Medium - Poor Customer Service

I liked the ability to SSH tunnel - it seemed to always work well. OpenVPN configuration on server side uses default cipher of BF-CBC 128 bit which is known to be insecure and is a puzzling choice. Despite requests to change this on their side customer service never replied. Which brings me to my next observation; if their customer service actually does respond to a support request you should consider yourself extremely fortunate as it is indeed a rarity from my experiences. The pricing plans are reasonable and they offer a discounted rate for a year commitment as opposed to month-to-month. All in all there are substantially better providers out there who take their customers’ concerns far more seriously and I will not be renewing my contract with them at its conclusion.

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Vidste du? Vi godkender alle brugeranmeldelser. Virksomheder kan ikke betale for at få nogen med, eller få nogen afvist.

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    Good VPN, Node locations change with no notice, Bad help support

    I used Tunnelr for 10 months, mostly connecting to Spanish and French servers to access public sites in those countries that are accessible only from those geographical locations. Those nodes disappeared in the fall and there is no information about whether they are gone for good or just temporarily. I have contacted service twice in the past two months about this, and never got an answer. Last blog entry is for March so no information about this in it.

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      tunneling service of choice.

      I haven't had any issues with the service yet after staying with them for about 3 years now. I've tried others in the mean time just because the pull me in with the "lifetime" account and I end up coming back to tunnelr each and every time. This is mainly because I run linux and don't want to/ cant install weird windows tunneling programs and an just happy with an ssh tunnel or openvpn setup that they give. They also give access to ip's in london and atlanta ga. Also I don't get noticable slowdowns if any when connecting.

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        Tunnelr VPN kontra NordVPN kontra ExpressVPN kontra CyberGhost VPN
        Funktioner Oplysninger
        Antal lande med servere 9
        Antal servere 15
        Gemmer VPN'en logfiler? Delvist
        Har VPN'en en kill-switch? Nej
        Antal enheder per licens 5
        Prissætning 3.7 / 5.0
        $5.00 /måned
        6 måneder
        $5.98 /måned
        Detaljeret ekspertanmeldelse
        Guy Fawkes
        (Anonym cybersecurity eksperter)

        Anmeldelsen for denne underkategori af VPNs er ikke tilgængelig endnu for denne VPN udbyder. Hvis du føler de yder en god løsning, så tilføj venligst din anmeldelse som bruger, og vi vil følge op med en detaljeret ekspertanmeldelse

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        Antal enheder per licens: 5
        VPN-planer: www.tunnelr.com
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