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vpnMentor blev etableret i 2014 som en uafhængig hjemmeside, der anmeldte VPN-tjenester og dækkede privatlivsrelaterede historier. I dag fortsætter vores team af hundredvis af cybersikkerhedsforskere, forfattere og redaktører med at hjælpe læserne med at kæmpe for deres frihed online i partnerskab med Kape Technologies PLC, som også ejer følgende produkter: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost og Private Internet Access, som kan blive rangeret og anmeldt på denne hjemmeside. De anmeldelser, der offentliggøres på vpnMentor, antages at være korrekte på datoen for hver artikels offentliggørelse og er skrevet i henhold til vores strenge anmeldelsesstandarder, der prioriterer en uafhængig, professionel og ærlig anmeldelse under hensyntagen til produktets tekniske egenskaber og kvaliteter samt dets kommercielle værdi for brugerne. De rangeringer og anmeldelser, vi offentliggør, kan også tage hensyn til det fælles ejerskab, der er nævnt ovenfor, og de partnerprovisioner, vi tjener på køb via links på vores hjemmeside. Vi anmelder ikke alle VPN-udbydere. Det antages dog, at oplysningerne er nøjagtige på datoen for offentliggørelsen af hver artikel.

vpnMentor blev stiftet i 2014, for at anmelde VPN tjenester og dække privatlivsrelaterede artikler. I dag fortsætter vores team af hundredvis af cybersikkerheds researchere, skribenter og redaktører, med at hjælpe læserne med at kæmpe for deres ret til online frihed, i samarbejde med Kape Technologies PLC, som også ejer følgende produkter: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, ZenMate, Private Internet Access og Intego, som kan blive anmeldt på denne hjemmeside. Anmeldelserne udgivet på vpnMentor menes som værende korrekte på udgivelsesdatoen for hver artikel, og skrevet i overensstemmelse med vores strenge gennemgangs standarder, som prioriterer professionelle og ærlige undersøgelser foretaget af anmelderen, og tager højde for de tekniske kapabiliteter og kvaliteter af produktet, sammenholdt med dets kommercielle værdi for brugerne. Rangeringerne og anmeldelserne vi udgiver på siden, kan også tage højde for det fælles ejerskab nævnt ovenfor, og affiliate honorarer vi tjener på køb gennem links på vores hjemmeside. Vi anmelder ikke alle VPN udbydere, og informationen menes at være korrekt ved datoen for hver artkel.

Windscribe VPN vs Newshosting vs Betternet 2024

    Editors' Note: Intego, Private Internet Access, Cyberghost and Expressvpn are owned by Kape Technologies, our parent company.

    Vores Vurdering

    Funktioner 8.6/10
    Prissætning 8.6/10
    Brugervenlighed 9.0/10
    Pålidelighed & support 8.0/10
    Funktioner 7.6/10
    Prissætning 8.2/10
    Brugervenlighed 8.2/10
    Pålidelighed & support 8.0/10
    Funktioner 6.8/10
    Prissætning 6.4/10
    Brugervenlighed 8.0/10
    Pålidelighed & support 6.0/10


    Anmeldelse af vores ekspert
    Author Image Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes

    Anonym cybersecurity eksperter

    Vores score: 8.6/10

    Windscribe claims it’s not like other VPNs. It takes pride in being self-funded and avoiding paid ads and affiliate deals. Plus, its free plan is one of the most popular, but does its premium subscription compare to the top VPNs? To find out, I tested every feature Windscribe has. That included performing leak tests, speed checks, and exploring its streaming capabilities with free and paid pla...

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    Seneste positive bruger anmeldelser
    Maybe not the best but for the price I am happy with them

    Maybe it is not the best but for the price, I am very happy with them. I have been using them for year... s. Usually, I am streaming sports from national TV channels abroad. In all fairness, I can recommend their service.Mere

    Seneste negative bruger anmeldelser
    Slimey Company and DARK past

    The companies CEO ran ADULT WEBSITES. He is in an interview saying exactly this about his past, but ... he does not seem transparent with this today. Would you say making and running adult sites is a respectable or professional career? No. I would never trust them with my data, ever. They are slow, overpriced and unprofessional company that attacks people on reddit or discord who leave truthful feedback about this. They do not honor lifetime promises. Do not support this VPNMere

    Anmeldelse af vores ekspert
    Author Image Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes

    Anonym cybersecurity eksperter

    Vores score: 7.6/10

    Newshosting is an excellent source for Usenet groups but if you don't access the the service, it's overkill. Those who don't need Usenet access might want to consider using a VPN such as ExpressVPN or IPVanish instead, so they aren't paying for access to tools they don't need. Newshosting is a Usenet provider that also offers VPN service as an add-on to their Usenet service plans. The VPN they provi...

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    Seneste positive bruger anmeldelser
    Great value for usenet + vpn

    Newshosting seems to offer the best value for the money. The included PrivadoVPN works very well recen... tly, and does include a "kill switch" now, e.g. (You can still set up a VPN manually in Windows 10 and forego the software.)Mere

    Seneste negative bruger anmeldelser
    Chris M.
    Newshosting are Crooks

    They purposely do not show your renewal date under your account, but I paid for 12 months + 3 months f... ree, so total 15 months - their website shows billing renewal cycle is 15 months. I have screenshots of invoice paid date and should have expired in June but they closed my subscription in March 2023. I have emailed them several times about my issue and they claim I got 3 months free in the 12 months I paid. If this is so why do you show on your on website billing cycle is 15 months then???? I tell you why cause at 12 months they will bill you again for full year and you can't find your renewal date on their website under your account for that very reason. Ticket#NH00142677Mere

    Anmeldelse af vores ekspert
    Author Image Matthew Amos
    Matthew Amos

    Senior Redaktør

    Vores score: 6.8/10

    BetternetVPN found itself under fire in 2016 when an academic study discovered it put its users at risk of third-party tracking software. Since then, it says it has made a lot of changes, improving its overall features and security. I wanted to find out if this is true or not. I tested the premium plan to find out what BetternetVPN has to offer, including its speeds, server network, and security...

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    Seneste positive bruger anmeldelser
    Good App

    Absolutely free VPN. BTW just click the exit button to close the free-trial box. It will continue to r... un without it. I don't experience any ads that I am aware of but I have an ad-blocker and a no-script installed on my browser which may account for that. I get a better connection on public WiFi generally. Their Terms and Conditions state they do not keep log files of your actual IP address or sites accessed; and they do not sell your information for money. They are supposed to be paid by premium accounts and the ads generated which, like I previously stated I haven't really seen much of. Lastly, they allow p2p and torrenting, though they will collect your data if they get subpoenaed to for illegal downloads. Overall, excellent VPN app in my opinion.Mere

    Seneste negative bruger anmeldelser
    Dangerous Service

    What most people don't know about BetterNet VPN is that it's running by Hamid Rezazadeh, the son of En... sieh Khazali, a very radical Iranian government official (or 4th Reich), he's moved to Canada to mass collect users' data under this service!Mere


    Start pris $5.75/måned
    Pengene-tilbage-garanti (dage) 3 Dage
    Antal enheder per licens Ubegrænset enheder
    Start pris $10/måned
    Pengene-tilbage-garanti (dage) 0 Dage
    Antal enheder per licens 1 enheder
    Start pris $7.99/måned
    Pengene-tilbage-garanti (dage) 45 Dage
    Antal enheder per licens 10 enheder

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    Author Image Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes

    Anonym cybersecurity eksperter

    Final Verdict — A Solid VPN With The Best Free App The finest free VPN option is provided by Windscribe. It grants you rapid speeds, an array of servers, robust security measures, and a commitment to privacy. The sole limitation lies in the fact that you're restricted to utilizing 10 GB of data each month. The premium VPN is very good too, but it has a few drawbacks. Compared to its top competitors, the server network is small, there is no 24/7 live chat option, and it’s not great for gaming. It’s also a little expensive for what’s offered. You can get any of our highest ranked VPNs in this list that all come with much longer money-back guarantees. FAQs on Windscribe Is Windscribe really free? Yes, Windscribe has a great free app. It’s one of the fastest I’ve tested and lets you use servers in 10 different countries. You

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